We give our customers a two year Carry-In guarantee. This document will outline how the furniture should be maintained.


The two main elements responsible for deterioration of wooden furniture are the sun UV rays and changes in weather conditions - getting dryer or getting wetter.
Our furniture is designed for use under cover only and not for full outdoor use. Regular upkeep is paramount. How often you care for your furniture will have to be ascertained by you as you are solely aware of the elements that are prevalent in your environment and how these are responsible for deterioration i.e. How dry the weather has been or how wet the weather has been.
The furniture should be waxed, oiled or sealed on a regular basis to prevent shrinking or swelling which results in the furniture cracking. If the furniture gets wet it should be wiped down immediately and a water resistant sealer applied as soon as possible to protect it from further wet weather and swelling. If the furniture is exposed to bouts of very dry weather an oil or wax should be applied to protect it against further dry weather or shrinking. If the furniture is not being used for a period of time a UV resistant canvas of PVC cover should be used to protect the pieces. Or better still store in fully covered area.
Treat wood like you would your skin. If you were going into the sun a sun screen is necessary, if you were exposed to rain a raincoat is necessary. So wax and oil or apply a water resistant sealant.
If you notice any signs of cracking appearing on the surface or anywhere else on the furniture apply wax, oil or a water sealant immediately, because if you leave it the wood will continue to shrink and swell and deteriorate and the problem then worsens. This will result that the furniture will have to be 'carried-in' to the workshop for repairs by yourselves or alternatively we can collect and deliver back to you at your cost (our standard fees will apply for transportation and packaging).


- There will always be fluctuations in environmental moisture as the seasons change. Regular oiling or waxing and sealing will help prevent too much swelling and shrinking as this occurs.
- When the climate dries out - this will occur if you have more than 2 weeks without rain - the furniture will shrink slightly. If it feels unstable treat it immediately or contact us and we will give you advice on how to prevent cracking.
- When the climate increases in moisture - this will occur at the start of the rainy season - the furniture will swell slightly. If the furniture gets too tight you will have to treat it accordingly or contact us and we will give you advice on how to prevent cracking.
- Should liquid spillage occur, dry with a soft cloth immediately. Any whitening is not serious - allow the furniture to dry completely and simply polish again using a wax coating. Do not allow coloured liquids such as red wine or coffee to remain on the surfaces either.
Observing these simple rules should ensure enjoyment of your furniture for a long time. If in doubt at any time after purchase contact Nicci at