We want you to be aware that you are buying a natural wood product so timber movement will occur. Wood shrinks, warps, splits and cracks. It might do so either immediately or over a period of time or it might not do so at all. It is not chip board which is manufactured in a factory. It grows in a forest and it comes with knots, resin, grain and moisture. It is soft and it can get dented, scratched, burnt or chipped. Please read this carefully, we don't want you to be disappointed with your purchase. Cracks, imperfections, wear & colour variations will form part of your WINDRUSH COTTAGE FURNITURE unique character.

Before placing an order, we ask you to read the following Terms and Conditions, sign acceptance and return the form to us either by email

Prices are not subject to vat.
Prices are subject to change without notice but they can be secured with a 50% deposit.
Prices do not include delivery.
Furniture will not be released for delivery unless paid in full.
As far as possible we will try to have your furniture completed by the time specified but we are only human and things could go wrong.
In order to be environmentally conscious we do not like to wrap the units in heavy plastic but if you insist we can give you a quotation to wrap your units in bubble wrap for delivery.
During transportation the hinges and runners may vibrate out of alignment. However, they are fully adjustable and it is the responsibility of the client to make the adjustment.
The vibration of the delivery vehicle has occasionally caused cracks in the units. We are not responsible for damage caused by the transport companies.
The units might develop yellow marks (usually only in coastal areas). This is from the resin in the wood. The best way to deal with it is to paint over it. You might have to do this a few times as the resin can continue to leak for a few months. If you paint it with the touch up paint we provide and sand the edges the look will remain the same.
The units do not have a smooth flat painted look. They have a textured finish. The differentfinishes depend on which range you choose but they are all designed with a paint technique.
Small imperfections in the wood and paint finishes are characteristic of our kitchens and shouldnot be seen as faults. Milestone Kitchens are not perfect but they are still beautiful. We ask theclient to understand and accept this.
The tops are made of pine (unless another kind of top is specifically ordered) and are supplied unsealed.
Pine is not a man-made product, it is completely natural. Although the best care has beentaken to prevent it happening, the wood might move and crack over time, particularly duringchanges in humidity (such as between summer and winter) or in movement between areas of different humidity (for example after a move from Wartburg to a coastal area such as Durban - humid climate or to somewhere like Potchefstroom - dry climate). This might happen evenafter the tops are sealed. WCF cannot be held responsible if this happens but wewill gladly repair the unit if it is returned to our factory.
The backs and underneath surfaces of our units are not painted; neither are the insides of the drawers. (Although we can give you a quotation to do so if you require it.)
We do not supply screws, plugs or any kind of bolts to attach
the wall units to the wall.
The Windrush badge is only put on units that are taller than 900 mm or hung on the wall. We will gladly put them on the other units if you ask us to.
WCF does not supply any accessories, such as sinks, baskets or stoves. Mattresses, linen, softs. We do not make cushions.
The sink unit does not come with a hole cut out for the sink. If you have a sink we can fit it foryou. If you have already purchased your sink you would need to bring it to the factory so we can fit it for you.
We are not responsible for incorrect measurements.
We cannot be held responsible for units that don’t fit because of uneven floors and walls that are off square.
We cannot be held responsible if the units you order do not fit through the doors into your home. This is particularly relevant to corner units very large shelving units and longer than normal tables which will not fit through an ordinary doorway. Please check this!
We are only human and therefore might forget things and get things wrong. Please make sure that all telephonic conversations where dimensions and changes to your order have been discussed are written down and confirmed by e-mail and an amended quotation is received and accepted. We are not held responsible for changes to orders discussed telephonically unless the discussion has been confirmed in writing by e-mail.
We expect you to organize collection timeously. The factory is not a suitable place to store your lovely furniture because they could get damaged or stolen. We are not insured for fire, theft or natural disasters (rain or flood damage). In addition to this the factory is very dusty and dirty and it is almost impossible to protect against paint spillages, knocks and dents caused by workers. We are not a storage facility and if the units are left here we will have no option to charge you a storage fee of R2 500 per month or part thereof.
We do have a specs list in place that we go through in the factory as thoroughly as we can but please realise there is a possibility that we might have over looked something. If this happens we will help you to the best of our ability but in some cases it might mean that you would be responsible for the final specs yourself.
These terms are subject to change without notice.
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